Monday, July 2, 2007

Updates - Round 5

At the time of our wedding, my sister was already several months pregnant. So much so that we had to scramble with less than two weeks left before the ceremony to get her a new bridesmaid dress.

My nephew Sam was born on February 22nd, 2007. You'd think that 2/22 would be easy to remember, but I seem to keep forgetting. Hey, I'm new at this Uncle thing. The first weekend after his birth, we drove up to my sister's place to see him.

We had the dogs with us which thankfully didn't make things as awkward as we thought. They were still being housebroken and we figured taking them with us would be better than coming home to crap all over the kitchen. Especially with the house freshly on the market.

Bonnie and Clyde played around with my sister's cats' toys while the cats hid in their bedroom and we got to meet Sam. I haven't had much experience with babies, especially recently. (I think the only other picture of me holding a baby was of me holding my sister when I was 4 or 5.) Sam was tiny and my sister snapped a few pictures and before we were ready to go it was time to leave.

Sam's grown quite fast (that's a pic of him in a onesie we bought in May) and my sister's doing a great job being the stereotypically protective first-time mother. I'm sure we'll be just as loving and protective when our turn comes in November.

Yes, shortly after visiting Sam and shortly before our house went into escrow, my wife became pregnant with our first child. We found out the usual way, a few weeks afterwards, after waiting for the little stick to say one way or the other. I was reading in bed when my wife went to check on the reading and though overjoyed at the blessing, her sarcastic humor came out and she muttered "Summer's going to suck". Well, that's one way to tell your husband he's going to be a father. :)

Funny thing is, we had purchased a monitor to track her cycle and let us know the optimal time to attempt... um, baby-making. We'd tried three months in earnest (actually, we were in bed) with no success. Now, with the house on the market and other things in our lives up in the air (ah, more in the next update) we were less inclined to try as hard and managed to get pregnant anyway. Go figure.

Regardless, we're psyched, doing what we can to get ready, making sure she's getting enough food and dairy and going to all the doctor visits. We've had 2 sonogram sessions already (images above and below) with a third scheduled for next week. We get to find out the sex of the baby at next week's appointment as well, so we're really looking forward to that one.

So, any advice for the father-to-be?


Anonymous said...


I am sure Michael has already told you how happy we are for you. You will be a great father. Seems thing to come so much easier when they are your own. You don't mind the spit, boggers, poop, and everything else as much when it is YOUR baby.

Gomberg said...


We're quite excited about finding out if it will be a boy or a girl tomorrow. People keep asking us which we'd prefer, but we really have no leanings other than the fact that I was raised in a 2 child house as the older brother so that would be familiar for me. (My wife's an only child).

I'll post when we get back from the doctor. (...and we'll have more sonogram photos to share as well.)