Friday, November 16, 2007

To SUV or not to SUV

With 2 pugs and a baby on the way, we're going to need a bigger automobile to cart everyone and their stuff around town.

But the question at hand is: SUV or Minivan.

Now before you slap me and scream "why would you even consider a Minivan?!", let me play out the logic here.

1) SUVs come in all sizes and prices from small and cheap to large and pricey. Minivans usually start at the lower end of the SUV price range.

2) Small SUVs can only carry 5 people with limited cargo space. Large SUVs can carry 7 people, sort of, and have more cargo space, but not much with all 3 rows set up. Minivans can carry 7 people more comfortably and more cargo. Most minivans have more cargo space with the seats taken out than the entire cabin and cargo areas in a Large SUV.

3) Large SUVs have low MPG numbers. Minivans have MPGs closer to smaller SUVs. Gas is expensive. (In case you hadn't noticed...)

Yes, they're soccer wagons and grocery getters, but you can't argue that a minivan is more practical than a SUV. Besides, I've always seen SUVs more as gas-guzzling status symbols than anything else. How else can you explain the lifted compact station wagon that is the Lexus RX? (ok, so they've made it larger since the first model... but it's just fun to pick on.)

So, I guess we're pretty much going to go with a minivan unless someone knows of some redeeming SUV feature that might sway our opinion. Any suggestions on the different makes of minivan would also be appreciated.

So hop to - it all 3 of you who read this little blog of mine - and help a dad-to-be out. ;)


Broad said...

Hmmmmmm ... well, I know you prolly ought to get the minivan, but hell if I know which looks the dorkiest.

Gomberg said...

It's a sad state of affairs, but at least I get to keep the Audi and the BMW (for now).

Michael said...

You'll never get a baby seat into the backseat of the Audi, not if you want anybody to fit in the passenger seat. When we had that problem, Chrissy and I got the Honda CR-V. It's like driving an Acura with a buttload of trunk space, and it gets 28 MPG.

Gomberg said...

If it wasn't for the pugs, we'd probably go for a small SUV.