Saturday, March 29, 2008

Twitter... twitter... twitter

My friend Mike got me started back again on Twitter. I'd first heard of it over a year ago and signed up on a lark but only posted once and then let the account sit idle. Sometimes if things seem really cool I like to get in early so I can reserve the nickname I've used online since my college days: DixonHill.

If you haven't heard of Twitter, it's like a blog, except your entries are limited to 140 characters. So you really can't say that much except for "Going to bed" or "having trouble figuring out how to install my dishwasher" or "really hungry" or somesuch blabber. As such, it's basically a stream-of-consciousness what-are-you-doing-right-now view into the lives of other tweeters (those who use twitter)

Anyway, I'm out there in the twittersphere again now, tweeting from time to time. You can send in tweets (updates) via Instant Messenger or your cell phone, so that makes it easy to shoot off a casual tweet from time to time when the urge hits you.

Twitter also actively tracks your "followers": people who have "subscribed" to your twitter stream. If you follow someone, on your main page you'll see all of your posts and all of theirs, in the order they're written. Strangely enough, I seem to be attracting followers. Not sure if it's because I have anything interesting to say or just because I've got a bunch of SciFi and Disney stuff in my profile.

Anyway, if you're curious or bored, check out my twitter page to see what I'm up to:

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