Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pinball Pictures

A lot of our friends have been asking for pictures of our Addams Family pinball machine. So without further ado...

The game arrived wrapped in the shipping industry's version of saran wrap. A previous job taught me it's also useful for securing coworkers to chairs.

Misha wasted no time opening up her new treasure. Well, actually we waited 3 days. Until we had a night that Connor went down early and there was nothing else to do around the house.

A standalone shot of the game. Yes, we have a low ceiling in the basement.

A portrait of the machine and its owner. Misha had me retake this so it would say "The Addams Family" in the display. We've since found out you can also create a custom message, so the machine now also says "Gomberg Family Pinball". Cute, huh?

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