Friday, June 13, 2008

Connor Sits Up

Yes, that's "sits" not "spits" (though there's been the occasional bit of that as well.)

Connor's moving from Infant 1 to Infant 2 at his day care, so to get him ready, they've been working with him on sitting up. Apparently this is one of the "milestone" abilities that helps him earn his golden ticket to the next room.

Granted, he's been sitting for a while now, but mostly with support and never in a very stable manner, but now that they've been doing whatever it is they've been doing at daycare, he's actually able to sit up without support for extended periods.

There's still the tendency to lean and fall over sideways, but front-to-back he's solid. It's pretty cool. He's now able to play with some of the toys we have that you need to be sitting up to play with.

Next step: Crawling.

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