Friday, June 6, 2008

Connor's Antipoday

Connor's now traveled halfway around the calendar and is a whopping 6 month old now. Where does the time go?

I couldn't find a word for "6-month birthday", so I made one up (Antipoday). It's not just a typical "unbirthday" (Thank you Lewis Caroll) so I felt a special word was needed. Antipode's a fun word that semi-applies so I figured I'd have some fun with that. You like?

Misha's trying to get some time to post a batch of new photos, but until then, here are some recent shots:

I was on the phone but still had to make sure he didn't fall over. Here, he's sucking on my arm. Taste good little man?

Must've tasted good.

Connor's started exploring the world with his feet. It can be quite amusing at times.

More to follow...

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