Sunday, June 8, 2008

Connor's First Playdate

Connor had his first playdate today. Yeah, I know he's too young to actually play with another child, but it was a nice opportunity to spend some time with a couple we met in our childbirth class with whom we've become friendly.

Funny story about that... we actually ended the class without getting their contact info and regretted not asking them for it because they seemed like "our kind of people". (Ok, so they were the only other Jewish couple in the class... but it wasn't just for that reason.) We figured we'd probably see them at Babies R Us at some point as we'd run into other classmates there and were already spending a lot of time there before Connor was even born. What we didn't figure on was the wife going into labor 5 weeks early and them ending up in the room next to us for most of the time we were in the maternity ward. And just think, if we hadn't complained so much about our first two rooms, we might never have bumped into them at all.

So back to the playdate...

We all met for lunch at a local Macaroni Grill since it's an equidistant point between our respective homes and then afterwards we all went back to our place. Our family room is littered with a jumper, an exersaucer, 2 gyms, a swing and countless toys, so there was plenty to keep a small platoon of infants happy for at least 30 minutes.

Connor and their daughter got along well (when we placed them near one another). There were some pretty funny moments like when we put them side by side and Connor grabbed her pacifier, pulled it from her mouth, looked at it and then tossed it away. That's my boy, already impressing the ladies with his smooth moves... Um, yeah.

So it was fun to see the kids interact in their own toddler way and fun to spend time with friends who've been mostly phone friends until now due to all our hectic schedules. It'll be cool to start hanging out with them more often as we discover more of the things we have in common (aside from the obvious on the parenthood front). For instance, Jeff's a big Star Wars fan and is actually spending Father's Day at Disney World for their Star Wars weekend. Maybe I'll be able to tag along next year...

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