Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Homeowners

We closed on our new house today, which means 2 things:

1) We're in debt again.

2) We ain't moving anywhere again anytime soon.

That said, the house is beautiful and has more than enough room for us to grow into. After months and months of looking, it was the closest we'll probably ever come out here to finding a home that met most of our criteria and I know we'll be very happy there for many years to come. Good schools, nice yard, 3-car garage, good "dog solution", 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. We'd have spent twice what we got it for to get a similar place in San Diego.

Now we just have to give notice, make a few repairs and move. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

FIVE bedrooms!?? Jesus, dude! How many kids are y'all planning on having!?? And what exactly is a "dog solution"!??

Gomberg said...

Actually, the fifth "bedroom" is in the basement, except that it's pretty small and there's no window. It is, however, attached to a full bath. Hence, it's a bedroom.

We'll probably make it an exercise room and then never use it.

A "dog solution" is a place to keep the dogs during the day so that they don't destroy the house.

We had a few, um... mishaps at our current place with the carpet and baseboard and furniture and cardboard boxes and stuff in the cardboard boxes, etc.

So we've been spending $650 a month to send them to Doggie Daycare while we're at work. Whatever home we bought, we needed a way to keep them sheltered from the heat and cold, with access to the outside, but without access to the rest of the house.

The new place has a nice alcove in the basement (right next to the bedroom) that works perfectly for this once we set up a baby-gate and put in a dog door (there are stairs up to the backyard from the alcove area.)

Hey... you asked. ;)

Gomberg said...

Oh, and before anyone scoffs at $650 a month for Doggie Daycare, bear in mind that the first week we were both at work, we had to take the dogs to the vet to get x-rays to figure out which one of the lovable monsters ate an SD memory card and kept Clyde at the vet for a day-and-a-half of observation to make sure he passed ALL of the second couch cushion he decided to eat.

Couple that with the cost to replace the damaged/destroyed items and some additional damage to the house that we'll have to have professionally repaired before we move out, and the final bill for that first week alone will easily top $650.

One of our faster decisions as a couple.